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In Soviet Russia, logs dodge FROGS!

10 May

Many years ago I stepped on (and killed) a rather large frog (or toad).

It didn’t traumatize me or anything, but at the time I remember screaming like a girl and flailing around in pure disgust.

It didn’t bother me that I killed a frog (in fact, all reptiles and amphibians can drop dead for all I care), it bothered me that I killed something  large enough to offer resistance to my own weight when I stepped on it.

I get rather disgusted when I have to kill bugs that are large enough to fight back.  I usually just let the cats take care of them, or shoo them out the window.  If the creature is large or dense enough that I can actually notice when I squish it, thats the line.  The exception is when I’m using a fly swatter or rolled up magazine or something, cause the speed and force takes away from my own fingers having to pinch a living thing to death.  Naturally, the idea of killing (through my own force) anything larger then a bug disturbs me.

I would think I can probably use a gun to hunt and kill something bigger  and not be disgusted, but I have no desire to hunt and kill anything at this point in my life.

I would also probably be okay using a grenade to kill things, but again I don’t want to kill stuff.  And I would imagine it is difficult to get the meat off any animal you kill with a grenade.  On second thought, it’s probably quite simple to get the meat off of an animal with a grenade, it’s just not proper butchery.

Anyway, I didn’t want to step on the frog, but it jumped out from Continue reading